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    About Polysian


    Polysian, a polluted future of Minecraft.


    Polysian is a survival server with an apocalyptic feel,


    we have lots of unique features, here's some of them!



    ✏️ FEATURES ✏️



    Survival server with a twist ✅


    Custom coded plugins ✅


    Never before seen raiding system ✅


    Apocalyptic feel ✅


    Events (including rewards) ✅


    Giveaways ✅


    Active staff team ✅


    Welcoming community ✅


    Ranks ✅


    No P2W ✅


    Land claiming ✅


    Shops ✅


    Arena's ✅



    And so much more! ✅



    Open positions:



    (You can apply for multiple positions if you can manage)





    (I have a base understanding of the developing side, however, you will be doing most)


    As a developer, you will be in charge of setting up the servers, which involves; downloading the necessary plugins, setting up the tebex store, setting up luckperms and all of the different ranks, and running the technical side of the server, making sure that it doesn't crash. And also fixing bugs.





    You will be taking part in building the different hubs, events, minigames, and more. You will also help setup events.





    You need to advertise the discord server in as many ways as possible, whether that'd be advertising it on different discord servers, telling your friends about it, promoting it on social media, whatever it is you need to do everything you can to get players on the discord server.



    Plugin developer


    You will be in charge of making the custom plugins for the server



    Media team member


    You'll be in charge of running or socials, you will also be making content to our socials, like short TikTok videos showcasing cool stuff on our server, detailed youtube videos about it, stuff like that.




    You start as moderator and work your way up towards Admin, Community manager, or Manager.



    We're also looking for Twitch and YouTubers to partner with here on Polysian, to partner with us you need to have at least 100 followers/subscribers on either YouTube or Twitch, and a stable viewer base (around 10 viewers pr stream, or about 100 views pr video). If you decide to partner with us, then you'll be given a rank, access to exclusive things, get news on future updates before other players, whenever you post something on twitch or Youtube, it gets announced on the discord server, meaning that your streams and videoes will get more attention, and much more. The only requirement to becomming a partner is that you (depending on your upload/streaming schedule) stream or make a vid on the server at least once a week, and enclude our discord invite link in all of your videoes (description) and in your streams. You also need 100 subs on Youtube or 100 followers on Twitch, and you need to be getting around 10 viewers pr stream and 100 views pr vid.



    To become a manager you have to start as a moderator, or admin, prove you're worth promoting to manager, you also have to show responsibility and maturity and that you can run and help the server, and you need to have a specific skillset and the right qualities. As a manager you will be in charge of the staff team, handling tickets, reviewing applications, doing interviews and much more. 


    Community Manager

    As a community manager you will be in charge of the server's community, you're also in charge of hosting the server events, advertising and more. 


    If you're interested in applying, join our discord server, and head on over to staff applications, and fill in one of them.


    Polysain Discord Link:



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    I paid for a Minecraft server now I'm looking for staff

    if you want to be staff Join Our Discord : 




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