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     its me adam 122 i wanted to send u this formant but u disaloud direct messages so here it is :

    IGN (InGameName): TheEater123
    First Name (Optional):
    What position are you applying for? moderator
    What would you rate youself on a scale of 1-10 for maturity? 8
    Do you have any previous experience as a member of your applied position? no
    Do you have any plugin knowledge pertaining to your position? no
    Do you have any coding or experience (not required if applying for something other than Developer)? no
    What can you do to help the server? catch rule breakers
    Why do you want this position? becouse i want to do something in quarentine
    Any previous example of builds, projects, etc. (For Builder or Developer)?
    Please state any additional information you may think is important: i live in lebanon

     -Adam 122


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     hi i will add u on discord sername adam 122 ok


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