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    is vanilla minecraft pvp to boring?, have u ever wanted a server with a bigger focus on warfare over just mindless destruction, have u ever wanted to get ass blasted by an AR 15 in minecraft well our new server has it all, guns, war, (thats about it really).


    the server ip is:


    yeah its aternos but we are to broke for any other server hosters as for the modpack there will be more details on the discord server which i advise you join:


    however so far we are most likely going to use the latest version of the modpack here:


    other details are:
    - the server will be 600x600 blocks
    - the end will not be present
    - the server will be up soon and may be in sessions
    - server version is 1.12.2

    - its recommended you find someone to partner up with

    - my life sucks

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