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    The Curseforge app won’t run if you’re offline, but mods have been done without this app forever so I figured that would be possible.


    so I pointed a new profile from the native launcher to the mod pack folder and clicked to play offline, but it tried to download a file to start the modpack—and of course failed.


    is there a way to play mod packs offline that have been installed via the Curseforge launcher? It seems stupid if there’s no way to do it. There has to be some way.

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    posted a message on ATM6—Installing Modpack Updates On Old Worlds

    I've been playing through ATM6 for a while and decided to go ahead and update since I've had major issues with Resourceful Bees. I started out at v1.3.1 and installed Chocolate a while back so I could reload all my chunks and be good for updating to the newest version.


    So I updated the pack, and it switched from Minecraft 1.16.4 to 1.16.5 and wouldn't open old world. I guess that's ok, except that I don't know how to see which prior ATM6 versions were still built for 1.16.4 but to install the mod version and look to see what version of MC it's using. That's a ridiculous requirement to see what version it uses so I can still keep playing in my old world.


    1) Is there a way to play my old world in the newer version without corrupting or losing anything?


    2) If not, is there a way to see what version of MC a modpack version requires without having to install the modpack and wait before I can look at the MC version?

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