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    Add the mods to a profile on Twitch, then do options -> export profile, and upload your zip to curseforge.

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    You can have non-curseforge mods in a modpack as long as you give appropriate credit, and the mod's license allows it. For example, my modpack has Galacticraft, because I link to it on the mod page. However, I couldn't add OptiFine because of licensing issues. Hope this helps.

    Also, this forum is pretty dead, you should ask in a discord server or something.

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    Twitch Vs Minecraft

    Be at your viewers' mercy! Every 20 seconds, a random command is chosen from Twitch Chat.

    Inspired by Kaze Emanuar's Super Mario 64 Mod and CrowdControl 

    Twitch Vs Minecraft (aka Streamer Vs Chat) lets your Twitch viewers interact with your game while you play, by typing commands in chat.

    This is a mod I've been working on since June, and I really want to get more streamers to try it out. Interactive streaming has finally come to Minecraft. The mod is currently available on CurseForge for Minecraft 1.12.2.


    Link: https://bit.ly/TwitchVsMinecraft


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