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    Anarchyy Skyblock
    1.17.1 Java : IP -
    Officially running and open!
    Not much to say just come play Skyblock. 100 Player max (plenty of room), chill staff, and no Whitelist! Anyone can join!


    Some of our plugins include:
    *5 Island Schematics to choose from.
    *SilkSpawners - mine spawners with a Silk Touch.
    *RoseStacker - stack blocks inside of each other. basically to stack a bunch of the same spawners inside of each other to save space.
    *ChatColor - Change your chat color!
    *VeinMiner - Mine a bunch of ore at once!
    Plus more!


    Note: Actively searching for Staff. Application + Requirements listed in our Discord @ https://discord.gg/5qzhWZKjaN

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