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    Hello everybody,


    I am looking for a management team, each individual on the management team will be paid for there work. The specific positions i am looking for are:


    Marketing Manager: It will be the marketing managers job to ensure traffic to the server, the marketing manager, will often also be given a budget for a marketing campaign, they will be paid per unique visit to the server as well as be paid for players that stick around

    Store Manager: The store manager will have the job of convincing people to purchase items off the store, and will be paid a percentage of all store purchases(around 20-30%). When the server starts making more money you will also be paid a base salery


    Development Manager: The development manager will be paid per job(eg: making a new server) and will have the job of assembling a team of developers, graphic designers and builders, they will also be paid a monthly pay to make sure the server stays bug free when the server starts making more money, it would be preferable if the development manager had some experience

    Staff Manager: The staff manager will be paid a base salary when the server starts making money, as well as being paid per staff member and per job the staff team manages to stop

    Executive Manager: The executive manager will have the job of running the server and the manager team, as executive manager you will be paid an amount per week, we can talk about how much you want in DMs

    I will not be very active on this thread so please try not to comment on it, instead, message me on discord

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