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    I've been playing on an mc server with 30+ mods (all from reputable authors on CurseForge), and I've been getting this issue where if I play for more than around a half hour, the game begins to hold my movement inputs for much longer than I intended. After a while it gets so bad that I will keep randomly moving around for a good 10 seconds after I've taken my hands completely off the controls, and trying to make new movement inputs while the game is freaking out does nothing, I can only regain control afterwards. I've only gotten this issue while playing on the Forge client, not on vanilla, Fabric, or even just Optifine on its own, which I've played while this issue was occurring. Playing with only one mod(Create) still yields the same issue, and I have pretty good hardware so I don't suspect it's a hardware issue. Other players on the same server who have worse hardware don't seem to have this issue at all. The only way to fix this issue I've found is to close and relaunch the game. If anyone has any idea about what's happening and has possible solutions please tell me.

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