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    posted a message on Every Mod pack crashes

    I'm assuming you are using Windows. The easiest way to rollback the drivers is in device manager, double click the NVidia display adapter and under the drivers tab, click roll back. You need to be logged in as an Administrator to do this though.


    After doing this the window will be unresponsive for a minute or so, and then the old drivers should be installed.


    If this doesn't work you can also boot Windows in safe mode, and remove and reinstall the drivers from there.

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    posted a message on Project Ozone 2 Crash! (Please Help!)

    I had this same issue earlier after I had updated my JRE version. Curse is still looking for the old file that you uninstalled, you can make it point to the new install in the settings menu.


    Click Settings in the bottom left -> Go to Minecraft -> Scroll down to Java Version and select your new install JRE install there, should be something like Java:


    Game should launch after you do that.


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