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    Playing the cupcake game involves a delightful blend of strategy and fun. In this whimsical adventure, players aim to match colorful cupcakes, solve puzzles, and progress through levels of increasing complexity. The game, much like Hailey's Adventure here, encourages a playful spirit of exploration and problem-solving. Navigate through frosting-covered challenges, strategically swapping cupcakes to create matches and unlock new surprises. Each level unfolds as a unique chapter in the cupcake saga, offering a sweet escape reminiscent of Hailey's own daring escapades. So, dive into the sugary world, embrace the challenge, and let the sweetness of the cupcake game intertwine with the joyous spirit of Hailey's adventure here.

     ok great

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    Ultimate Car Mod gives Minecraft world a wide variety of cars, plus you can build roads and produce biofuels. Ultimate Car Mod provides a variety of vehicles and other functions. for the user to choose from.
    When you hear Ultimate Car Mod's name, many players will immediately think of a mod that adds cars to the Minecraft world. However, it does not stop there; it also adds features such as making Diesel fuel, building roads, and driving the cars just like you are doing in the real world. If you look forward to something special from Minecraft, Ultimate Car Mod will surely bring you an awe-inspiring experience.

    Ultimate Car Mod gives players many types of cars today. You can find vehicles in various colours or a truck with a container in the back that allows players to transport things from one place to another. In particular, gamers who are passionate about the speed genre will also find for themselves a sports car, a vehicle that allows you to roam on the racetrack with 16 different colours for you to choose from.

    In addition to Ultimate Car Mod, if you want to install iChun's mods, iChun Util Mod is the required library that every Minecraft player needs to install. It would help if you had iChun Util Mod installed on your computer before you want to experience other mods with the same author.



    • Single seater car (6 colors)
    • Two seater car (6 colors)
    • Truck (two seats,16 colors)
    • Truck with container (two seats,16 colors)
    • Single seater sports car (16 colors)
    • Cars have sounds
    • Cars can be damaged and have a damage indication
    • Cars need fuel to run
    • Cars need to be turned on before driving
    • Cars have speedometer and fuel gauge
    • Cars can be locked
    • Cars have luggage space
    • Car horn
    • Different cars have different speeds and fuel consumption
    • Cars are faster on roads
    • Car workshop
    • Tools for repairing
    • Car crafting
    • Many car parts for crafting


    • Different asphalt blocks for road construction
    • 27 white road markings (lines and arrows)
    • 27 yellow road marking (lines and arrows)
    • Painter for markings
    • Crash barrier
    • Cars are faster on asphalt roads

    Fuel (production)

    • Biodiesel
    • Gas station
    • Tanks
    • Biodiesel fabrication
    • Canola cultivation
    • Oil mill (rape cake as a byproduct)
    • Rape cake (to be used as fodder)
    • Backmix reactor
    • Split Tank (for decantation)
    • Methanol extraction through pyrolysis (charcoal as a byproduct)
    • Fuel production needs energy created by a generator
    • Generator
    • Generator needs fuel to run
    • Old school generator that needs no fuel to run
    • Cables
    • Fluid pipes
    • Fluid extractors
    • Canister

    Ultimate Car Mod 1.17.1/1.16.5 Download Links:

    Ultimate Car Mod

     Does These mod pack have functions of adding wrap vinyl to the cars ?

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    Pokemon Craft

    Pokemon Craft is a Pixelmon Generations Server that is in need of Builders and Developers. Here at Pixelmon Craft we aim at providing custom plugins (made by our developers) and new, original, and exciting builds. We offer Gyms, Towns, Events, Tournaments, everything you can think of! Unfortunately, this server is in dire need of some fresh looking builds and some impressive developers.
    Builder Information/Requirements
    As a Builder you're required to have some background knowledge with World Edit, if you do not have any knowledge with world edit chances are you might not get hired, we might be able to make a exception depending on the circumstances! We do require professional Builders and not immature ones. We also require screenshots of Builds previously made, and an online, interactive, testing system of you building!
    Developer Information/Requirements
    As a Developer you're required to be above the age of 15, this is due to maturity issues mostly. Becoming a Developer doesn't just mean you'll have access to console, you have to prove your trustworthiness first! If you're looking to apply for Developer you must also have knowledge on making custom plugins!
    Positions Available
    Available Positions Currently:
    Developer: [0/3]
    Builder: [0/5]
    If you are looking to apply for any positions above follow these links/steps:
    1st option: You can apply via discord by making a ticket, Demonstration: -new applying (must be done in the channel #support). Discord Link: https://discord.gg/pXrKAUw
    2nd option: You can apply via these google forms
    Builder Application:
    Developer Application:

     I would like to have your pokemon plugins

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