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    This is a Discord server owned by Merchant’s Kingdom, a place that serves as an observation room for those applying to join our staff team.
    Introduction Here your behaviour will be monitored and your attitude will be tested In order to determine if you have what it takes to be a on our staff team. Only the most friendly mature and helpful people will be chosen to join us.

    Failing to comply with the rules may result in your application being delayed or declined. The Application Process In order to become a member of staff on Merchant’s Kingdom, you will need to remain active in this Discord server, and check in from time to time so we can get to know. We recruit people with the community in mind, with the recruitment team trained to pick out the most good natured applicants for selection. The recruitment works on a system of 5 stages:

    - Applicants that seem genuinely interested will be given the Stage 1 Applicant rank.
    - Applicants that remain active over several days will be given the Stage 2 Applicant rank.
    - Applicants that show the correct attitude will be given the Stage 3 Applicant rank.
    - Applicants that we feel like we know well enough will be given the Up For Selection rank.
    - Applicants that are Up For Selection will be made staff when jobs become available.

    If at any time an applicant behaves in a way that the staff members feel is inappropriate, the applicant may be given the Red Flagged rank until they can be better assessed. If an applicant fails the application process they will be given the Declined rank and asked to leave.

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