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    posted a message on Need to disable either End Portals, or the Stronghold (and therefore End Portals)

    I'm making a mod pack for use by myself and a handful of friends, centered around the Wither Storm [ver 1.18.2]. It heavily features a difficulty spike in the Overworld and Nether (plus worldgen overhauls and combat mods.) However, I don't want The End to feature at all, and would prefer it not be accessible whatsoever (Endermen are also disabled since you can get pearls from Piglins.)


    I can't find a mod that'll do this for me, at least not one for 1.18.2. Help :[

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    posted a message on Brand-new to modding Minecraft; help a noob, please?

    Hi, guys! I've been playing solo on Java edition for about four years now, and this is my first time interacting with any sort of Minecraft community. I've edited this post; modding was actually quite a bit easier than I assumed it was going to be, but it doesn't look like I can change the topic title. I just installed Forge, and everything seems pretty simple, YouTube helped out with that.


    So, since I've already answered my own main question, here's some smaller ones:


    > Do you all have any tips, tricks, or warnings you'd like to share?

    > What mods would you recommend? I've installed the Open Terrain Generator and the Biome Bundle, but that's all I got right now. I'm into anything that improves visuals or adds mobs, in particular.


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