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    [b]:party: Welcome to our SMP server !!![/b]
    Our server is a Vanilla SMP server, that incorporated a quests plugin, the goal is to have fun in some multiplayer minecraft!


    Installed Datapacks[/b]


    We have a datapack:

    Decapitation (Player&Mob heads)


    Installed Mods

    Quests (test for now)


    Server Rules[/b]


    Our SMP server is a small server that is pretty laid back and we enjoy a good laugh, however there are certain boundaries you must not cross, otherwise you will be breaking our servers rules. If any of the rules listed below are broken, punishments may take place. The punishment will depend on how bad the offense committed is.

    1. No Griefing/Stealing - Pranks are allowed though, don't get too attached to the game.[/b]

    2. No cheating or hacked clients.[/b]

    3. Don't build too close to others unless you ask them beforehand.[/b]


    4. Don't destroy farms, try and take them apart, or mess with things that you didn't build.[/b]


    5. [/b]Don't attack / kill other players unless you agree to PVP beforehand[/b]


    6. [b]You must build at least 400 blocks away in a single direction from spawn at the minimum.[/b]


    7. [b]After one week of an established base, you must make yourself a netherportal at Y 110-120[/b]


    Application is as follows:[/b]


    1. Age:[/b]
    2. Minecraft Username:[/b]

    3. Discord username + #: [/b] - So i can contact you to give you the ip.

    5. Why are you interested in joining this server?:[/b]

    6. What other games do you play?:[/b]

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