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    Looking for a friendly, non toxic minecraft community which supports all kinds of accounts? Well, we have the perfect choice for you.

    What do we offer?
    1) TONS of custom plugins with our own survival playerbase 
    2) Our own YouTube channel
    3) Support both, cracked and premium! (:O)
    4) Friendly staff (we are hiring good editors too :D!) 

    All we are looking for are active members who are willing to play on our smooth, next to no lag server which provides high performance

    We also host giveaways ingame (Nitro/Minecraft premium/Robux giveaways soon)
    We will be hosting a massive giveaway at 1k subs!

    How does joining this server benefit you?

    1) The server has great ping which you can use to play seamlessly without any lag. 
    2) Our custom plugins make life a lot easier while grinding 
    3) Leaderboard rewards which make playing worth it 
    4) Quests and custom items!
    Invite link: https://discord.gg/rgpN6KFazv
    Minecraft Server IP: vibemc.epicgamer.org:25565

    We hope to see you on board!


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