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    posted a message on game breaking timer after pc crashed

    Found the solution. It's due to Razer Cortex, Pressing CRTL+Shift+Q fixes it. 

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    posted a message on game breaking timer after pc crashed

    UPDATE: I'm on a playable state now, but the bug will still occur if I install curseforge to my M.2

    Today I was playing a pack I made myself, until, due to a power outage my pc shut down while playing. 

    When I came back, plants, grass and trees were artifacting and flickering, an overlay appears with current time, time played and fps. Any log will be constantly spammed with openGL errors, hitting over 100k info messages in mere minutes. Unless I play vanilla, this will happen on any pack. The timer only appears when I am starting a world, not while loading, but once it's there is also absolutely tanks the performance of the start screen.

    Any other launcher with the same mods doesnt flicker my plants, and theres no timer/fps, leading me to believe the issue is curseforge, which I would prefer to play through. Not having to check around 300 mods for updates manually is kind of a plus.

    Is there any reason the overlay appeared, and if so, is there a way to disable it again? 

    Things I've tried so far: 
    Reboot (no changes) 
    Run vanilla (No glitching, no timer) 
    Run any other Forge Pack (Glitching, Timer)
    Run a Fabric pack (No glitching, no timer)
    Export, delete every pack and re-import. (Glitching, Timer)
    Uninstall forge completely and reinstall (Glitching, Timer) 
    Immediately copy my mods from the Forge install into a MMC environment (No glitching, no timer)
    Change the install drives of Minecraft (Glitching, Timer)
    Reinstall overwolf and CF on  a drive other than my m.2 (no glitching, no timer)

    Conclusion so far: 
    The bug only occurs when running a Forge pack on CurseForge, when CurseForge is installed on my m.2 drive.

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