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    posted a message on Minecraft not being able to launch because of Java Runtime.

    So I got Curseforge to put optifine onto my Minecraft. I keep running into one issue though. Every time I click play game it'll bring up the Minecraft Launcher, but when I try to play I get an error message that says

    "Failed to download file.
    Name: forge-41.1.0.jar
    Error details: schannel: failed to receive handshake, SSL/TLS connection failed
    Filename on disk: forge-41.1.0.jar
    Path: C:\Users\-\curseforge\minecraft\Install\versions\forge-41.1.0\forge-41.1.0.jar
    Exists: Nonexistent"

    I'm not sure what's wrong, I've tried repairing the installation and Curseforge and it still doesn't work.

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