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    Hey.  I actually ended up having to this the hard way before the "Export Profile" feature was introduced. That has since been added to the CurseForge client and all of this is now MUCH easier.  I'll walk you through what you need to go since it's not really documented anywhere what the full process is.


    I'm going to make this guide assuming you know the basics of modpack creation and basic usage of the CurseForge client.


    1. Create your modpack on the CurseForge client by hitting the + Create Custom Profile button in the top right.


    Give the profile a name and and select a Minecraft version and Forge version. The current "gold standard" for fully-featured modpacks is Minecraft 1.12.2. The forge version I recommend with this version is forge-


    2. Click the Add More Content button and install all of the mods you want.  Do some research on this as many of the big modpacks have dozens of mods that just tweak small things that provide huge quality of life improvements.


    3. Fix and incompatibilities. Sometimes there are dependency mods/libraries missing. Most of these should be downloaded automatically, but some are missed. Most of these issues won't be seen until you launch the modpack, so make sure all of those kinks are worked out.


    4. To export the profile (which will be used upload to a project here on the CurseForge website to make your modpack public), select the 3 dots next to play and select Export Profile.


    5. In the Export Profile options, Enter the Profile Name, give the package a version and make sure config and mods are selected and click Export and save the profile to a location you will remember. The default location is .\Curse\Minecraft\Instances\ (.\ is where you installed CurseForge).


    6. Start your project by clicking here: Start Your Project. Fill out all required information.  At some point, you'll be asked to upload a file for the modpack.  That's where you upload the .zip of your profile export you did in Step 5.


    7. You will need to provide quite a bit of information to get the project approved.  If you want an example project description, here is mine that is approved. If its denied, they will give you a reason and you must fix it before it's approved. After it's approved, it'll show up in the CurseForge launcher within a few hours. Once it's in the CurseForge launcher, any hosting site that pulls from CurseForge modpacks will be able to see it.


    I hope all of this helps!  If you need more help, the CurseForge Discord Server is super helpful, specifically the #curseforge-questions and #community-support channels.


    Good luck!

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    Hey everyone.  So I am relatively new here so forgive me if this is obvious or well known, but I haven't been able to find this information anywhere so I'm not sure if I'm doing this right.


    I'm trying to make a modpack for some friends.  So far, I have done the following steps:

    • Created a working pack by selecting Create Custom Profile in the CurseForge launcher
    • Added mods just from CurseForge
    • Created a project at curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks
    • Uploaded a file for approval (been waiting 24 hours). This file was a .zip of all of the files located in .\Curse\Minecraft\Instances\[MODPACK]

    I have a few questions. If anyone could help at all, it would be greatly appreciated.

    • When I submit my modpack for approval, should I just submit the .zip I mentioned above, or is there more I need to do?
    • How long does it typically take for a modpack to be approved?
    • Once it's approved, will it show up on the CurseForge launcher for public download (assuming I select that option).
    • Once it's on CurseForge, could I easily import that pack into a hosting provider like Apex Hosting (who we are using)?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

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