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    Hello explorers! Arcadia is a java survival MMORPG server that is currently being developed , we thrive to bring an MMO experience unlike any other to minecraft by integrating the base survival aspects into the experience, players will be able to explore the world , fight off hordes of mobs, capture outpost, fight world bosses , conquer dungeons but also build a base , hire npcs, make shops and much more all while supporting a dedicated playerbase.

    Application Requirements:

    • Experience in the position you are applying for is not necessary but will help
    • At least 15 years of age
    • Working microphone
    • Fluent in English

    Join The Discord To Apply:


    Open Positions:

    • Builders (general building of terrain and other structures)
    • Mods (handles punishments , helping with questions)
    • Texture Artists (Makes textures for items and armor' etc)
    • Helpers (handling tickets, questions, & suggestions as well as testing features and items)
    • Testers (goes through and tests the different content)
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