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    posted a message on [Looking for Coders/Programmers] Making a village/npc enhancement mod for forge 1.16.4, looking to start production soon.

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     Yes. Sorry for the delayed response, I didn't get the notification for some reason. I definitely hope that we can collaborate on this project and make something amazing!

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    posted a message on [Looking for Coders/Programmers] Making a village/npc enhancement mod for forge 1.16.4, looking to start production soon.

    Hello everyone, I wanted to announce that I am gathering a team to create this mod. I have already got in contact with artists (both for models and sprites), and have the main idea for the mod laid out. Please contact me if you are wanting to help (I would be open to hearing commission prices too if need be).


    Key Details:


    -This mod will implement various new economy mechanics such as village economic focuses (coal mining, cattle ranching, etc.) that will effect what structures and profession generate, trade supply and demand, jobs actually producing products and consuming materials, automated trade routes with duration based on distance, and more.


    -Will also add more depth to interactions via a No Man's Sky-style language system, reputation mechanics (for individual settlements, and their NPC "race" as a whole), conflict mechanics (other NPC races that hate you enough or settlements that are unhappy enough will invade or strike/rebel.), defense armies/mobs (that can be assigned to settlements to defend them), raiding/invasion mechanics (you can conquer settlements by raiding with invasion mobs you have assigned to attack it.)


    -By default, this mod will add settlements for Illagers and Piglins, in addition to Villagers. Being allies with villagers makes the illagers hate you, and vice versa. The Piglins don't care if you are friends with villagers or illagers, they don't even know em.


    -A major goal of this mod is to make adding custom "civilizations" easy by allowing the player to assign their own entity models/mobs, textures, structures for settlements, trade tables, and whitelist/blacklist where they are allowed to spawn (even in other dimensions)


    This mod is currently in the planning phase, as many more fine details are still being sorted out, but I figured it would be wise to mention this now rather than later. I can provide more info on the plans for the mod upon request.


    Looking forward to your responses!

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    posted a message on Had some ideas for NPC mods that are focused on making interactions more interesting and giving big city builds a purpose.

    I have literally no modding skill, I have tried to learn how to make mods in the past, but I had trouble as no tutorials really ever gave me much to build off of aside from making blocks, tools, etc., and the only community advice I got was "learn java". Being that I will probably never learn to make mods, let alone ones like these, I figured I should post my ideas here to see if anyone is working on something like them or is taking commissions for mods (pricing estimates would be greatly appreciated).






    (If these were to be developed, they would likely be merged into one mod, being they both focus on NPCs.)


    In the very off chance someone who knows how to make mods would like to help develop these mods by writing the code, while I help with the ideas/development direction/community relations, and possibly some of my friends can cover the artwork. Please reach out to me, I would love to work with others on this project, and by working with someone who actually knows how to make mods, maybe I could learn from them and could make mods more independently in the future.


    Update: After making a similar post about this on reddit, I went back to look into some other already existing mods. Millenaire's glaring issue is that it is not 1.16 and its NPC's ai is broken in non-overworld dimensions (the devs have no plans at all for fixing it, either.). Slim pickings for this sort of thing I guess.

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    posted a message on Idea: A mod that names individual biomes/structures/villages, like how No Man's Sky Does.

    Title says it all. A mod that would name locations would be such a small, yet really cool touch to any modpack. A player could overwrite the name by renaming a "Cartographer's Note" (available in both Biome and Structure variants) In an Anvil to the desired name, and right clicking with the item in hand while in the biome/structure they wish to rename. Villages and Structures can inherit parts of their name based on the biome's name, or vice versa.


    A hud notification would pop up on a editable location on the screen whenever a player changes locations. Being underground disables this, going underground below 60 has the notification with the name "underground." A player can draw custom regions with a "Mapping kit", right clicking to draw a perimeter, and shift right clicking to confirm. These can be named.


    Additionally, locations can be hooked into Ambience - Extras (a third-party continuation of the ambience mod by Vazkii), allowing for custom music to be assigned to them, (and overriding normal music that may be assigned to them) if the player so wishes.


    This mod would hook into Xaero's Minimap + Xaero's Worldmap, with overlays designating custom made regions, and names of regions (and maybe assignable icons, like a little tower, tree, etc.) being placed on top of them in the map.

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    posted a message on Good 1.16 forge nether mod?

    I can't really think of much else at the moment that is out now. The BetterNether mod is now beginning work on a forge 1.16.4 port, it will probably be a while until its out, but its definitely worth the wait. The BetterEnd mod in the same "family" is also worth a look if you aren't using it already.

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    posted a message on Had an idea for a universally compatible pet mod. Is this possible?

    In order to tame/capture a monster, you must weaken it down by fighting it before throwing a capsule at it. The success rate is dependent on the creatures max health, current health. attack damage, and what potion effects it has on it. Poisoning or Slowing a monster would make it easier to catch, while resistance and strength would make it harder. The capsule will shake up to three times, and then either clicking with a few particles, or breaking and the monster comes back out.


    Capturing the Monster contains it within the capsule, and saving data such as nametags or potion effects. When thrown, the capsule will go into an "empty" state, but still be bound to the monster. The monster is non aggressive to its owner and other players (unless directed to attack them). Attacking a foe makes any tamed monster following you aggressive towards it. When a tamed monster is hurt, you can heal it with a universal "monster medicine" item, healing a certain amount of health (higher tiers healing more), or possibly a configurable "favorite food" item for the individual mob. When killed, a tamed monster will return to its ball and gain the "incapacitated" trait on its tooltip, making it unable to be brought out of its capsule until it recovers. Recovery can be achieved by waiting a certain amount of time (1 point healed for every so many ticks, ideally making it take a while to make taking care of your pets a priority.) This can also be disabled entirely in the config for a "nuzlocke mode" (If it wasn't obvious enough already, this is heavily Pokemon inspired). Certain monsters can be blacklisted to make them uncatchable, too.


    Additional mechanics could include variants of capsules that work better in certain conditions (a capsule better for undead monsters, a capsule that works best in the rain. a capsule that fairs better at night time, etc.), a concealable "monster tether" block (when a capsule is place in it, it allows the monster contained to wander within a customizable radius of the tether. Great for zoos or adding ambience to builds.), and maybe a unique way of cataloging all the monsters you have got (not a full blown pokedex with flavor text and stuff, unless there's an easy way to add entries in. Otherwise just a checklist.)


    I have essentially no modding experience, so I don't even know how practical this is, let alone if its even possible. Info on mod commission prices, devs who might be interested, or perhaps there's a mod that already does this sort of thing, would be greatly appreciated.


    Looking forward to your responses!

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    posted a message on Any mod devs who would be interested in porting the Flexible Skills Mod to 1.16.4? Or making a "spiritual successor" to it?

    It seems that the mod is dead. The author was last online in may of last year, and no activity has been indicated since, there is no github or other such means of checking progress either.  Unsure of how the licensing and stuff would work at this point, but there arent any other skill mods like it, it handles balance in a very unique way and it would be sad to let it die out. Mod link: (https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/flexible-skills-mod).


    Any info on alternatives (aside from Goki Stats, PMMO, etc. I tried those) would also be greatly appreciated.


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    posted a message on Help Me, Massive Lag on good computer?

    A few things. 


    How much ram do you have dedicated?


    How many cores are designated in your java arguments? (the "UseG1GC" in the arguments means you are use one core.)


    Are you using OpenJ9 java or the bundled/default one?


    Have you set forge's force threaded chunk rendering option to true?


    What settings do you have in you options? (render distance, max fps, smooth lighting, details, animations, performance, etc.)


    Have you ever run BetterFPS' jar file, ran the "test algorithms" option, and changed to the algorithm it recommends? (this one is super important)


    I have managed to solve most of these problems through lots of tinkering. I ended up moving on from 1.12.2 for the most part because 1.16.4 runs better and many newer mods wont backport to 1.12.2. I am still waiting for a village management/colony mod that isnt as extremely buggy or laggy as tektopia or MineColonies, maybe one day someone will make one. If Tektopia ever updates to a newer version, or a decent alternative to it comes out on newer versions, I highly recommend moving forward. For now I will try to help you however I can with this.

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    posted a message on Help Me, Massive Lag on good computer?

    In reply to youngvisions:

     Hey, yeah well I now have a completely new computer now but I do know how to solve these isssues. First off, 1.12.2 isn't as optimized as newer forge versions, so it already is on a lower level. my advice would be to install performance mods (my go to combo is optifine, TexFix, betterfps, vanillafix, unloader, and performant if it is compatible with the rest of the mods), and just try removing mods like recurrent complex or similar large structure mods (in older versions they can make a lot of lag occur.) if you just want to post your mod list I can see if I can figure it out, too.


    Let me know if you need any more help, and happy holidays if you celebrate :D

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    posted a message on Help Me, Massive Lag on good computer?

    Hello, I am having an issue with my roughly 100 mod custom modpack, I am getting massive lag in game, the main menu is fine, I just need to pinpoint what is causing the problem...


    here are the mods and specs


    12 gigabyte ram (11.4 usable)

    amd  a10 extreme edition radeon r8, 4c + 8g 2.00 GHz

    64 bit os and x64 processor

    windows 10 home


    minecraft stuff:

    1.12.2-forge 1.12.2-

    5 gig ram dedicated to the game


    dynamic sword skils

    sword skills api8

    applied energistics 2

    astral sorcery


    back tools









    buildcraft core

    buildcraft builder

    buildcraft compat

    buildcraft energy

    buildcraft factory

    buildcraft robotics

    buildcraft silicon

    buildcraft transport




    CoFH core





    doomlike dungeons

    electroblobs wizardry

    open blocks elevator

    engineers workshop

    extrabit manipulation



    mr crayfish's furniture mod

    galacticraft core

    galacticraft planets

    gravity gun





    infernal mobs





    malisis core

    malisis doors












    pam's harvestcraft

    portal gun

    project e

    project red base, fabrication, integration, lighting, mechanical, and world



    quick leaf decay

    recurrent complex

    redstone flux

    rftools, rftools dim, rftpwr, and rftools power

    roguelike dungeons

    soulshards the old ways

    spartan shields

    storage drawers


    thaumcraft 6

    thaumic inventory scanning



    thermal dynamics, expansion and foundation

    tinkers defense




    weapon levels

    xaero's minimap


    please let me know if there are any settings to be tweaked, mods to be removed/added, or other such things, thanks in advance!

    oh and if I'm posting this in the wrong place, please let me know!

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