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    Fairy Tail RPS

    Welcome to the server of Fairy Tail RPS!

    This is a land filled with magic and abilities for you to master.

    Explore and unlock your true potential!



    This server revolves around a magic/abilities system in which you can choose from 25 different magic "classes" when you join.

    Each class is hand made by the server owner and unique in its own way with a variety of different effects to utilize.


    On top of these 25 classes there are also the 10 curse classes which you can replace your magic with upon reaching a certain rank or obtaining

    a specific item.


    There is a new system being added known as spiritual arts which you can obtain at S-Class. These are extra classes that you can obtain alongside your regular one that are upgradeable.


    You can also get handmade spells unique to you (that you get to design) known as "customs" through crates, events or donating.



    The server utilizes a ranking system which sets your strength. Your rank can increase with a few methods however the standard method is to 

    compete in exams. Exams are PVP based competitions were you face off against fellow people in your ranking to obtain the next rank and get stronger.


    Important Information




    Discord: https://discord.com/invite/veCVFrXxDb


    Website: https://fairytailrps.enjin.com/










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    Fairy Tail RPS



    Just wanted to share this server to those server hunting

    This is a server called Fairy Tail RPS inspired by the Fairy Tail Anime.

    Its a decently sized rpg style server with active staff and custom magics/spells.

    I reccomend checking it out.





    Server Ip




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