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    posted a message on Looking for a mod that adds a more mystical form of magic.

    Mana and artifice from the creator of ars magica 2 is a good mod with much rituals (literally to make a spell you need make a ritual with runes) the progress in the mod is kinda slow but rewarding. 

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    posted a message on Can you give me mod ideas?

    Yeah i have one in the last days about magic mods, but more exactly magic damage.


    I don't like lie, i'm take this from the "parma magica" of ars magica TTRPG.


    here go... 


    "Parma mod"

    this mod allows a little "ritual" that give a magic resistance, this is a %, how to work is based in the Parma type, you need wait a 1 in game hour for every ritual, you can only have one parma in your character and overrides other magic resistances from other sources. 


    -Blasting Parma: this parma give a 70% of magic resiatance(don't stack with resistance)  every magic attack reduce the efficiency of the Blasting parma in 10%. the blasting parma takes 5 sec in restore and can't go below of 10%.


    -Parma fabulosa: this parma give the half of the armor value(rounded down)  has a magic resistance, this is a enchant made with the ritual and not compatible with protection related enchants and other parmas.


    -Feint parma: this parma have 20% of chance to null the magic damage, if you have a low armor value  they increases the parma chance of null the magic damage up 60%


    -Prometheus parma: this parma give you a 30% of magic damage reduction, but if you have less than 10 hearts, every half heart add 5% of magic resistance. if you have more than 20 hearts every aditional heart decreases the value of prometheus parma by 5%

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