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    I'm working on a modded survival modpack and I am looking for mob/world "events". There's a lot of gray area in that. Things like a Blood Moon that spawn more mobs on full moons is a good example. I'm not using this particular mod however because it conflicts with Dynamic Surroundings which I want more than Blood Moon. The mob events can't be based on weather and can't change any visual sky effects like the Blood Moon does.


    I love little rare occurrences in games. It would be cool to see rare and interactive happenings for people to participate in. Here's a list of my current mods so you can prevent any possible conflicts:


    Ambience+, Better Animals Plus, Chisels and Bits, Extra Bit Manipulation, Cosmetic Wings, Doomlike Dungeons, Dynamic Surroundings, Fairy Lights, Ferdinand's Flowers, Globe, Project Vibrant Journeys, Rex's Additional Structures, Ruins, and TekTopia (unreleased "better villagers" mod).


    Modpack is made for 1.12.2 Minecraft. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    That is Gameshark. It is a client + server mod that only works if the server has it installed as well to prevent cheaters from using it. It allows the player to locate shinies, legendaries, bosses, and player-specified Pokemon from the Pixelmon mod.


    If you're playing on a server, it looks like the server doesn't have it installed because it says "Unavailable". Some servers discourage Gameshark by preventing users who have it installed from logging in entirely or by banning them - so be careful. If you're using it in single player, I do know from experience that the Gameshark mod has been EXTREMELY buggy in recent updates which make it appear "Unavailable" - more specifically Pixelmon Reforged 7.0+.


    Hope this helped!

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