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    Looking for a Texture pack for v1.12.2 at 16x or 32x size in the style of moody, dark and gothic.
    Shader pack, or what ever they are called, would be welcomed too, so that i can make use of Dynamic lights.

    Would love for daytime to appear as if in a perpetual twilight and night time darker then usual too.

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    posted a message on GameSpy MC Server 45 - Whitelist - Semi-creative(Project EX) - NO PvP

    Looking for a relaxed, but mature server in a survival world with creative like experience?
    Then you might consider signing up for my server.
    The server makes use of RFTools, Ender IO, Project EX, Botania, Twilight Forest and a few more.
    The "modpack" was meant for people new to modded Minecraft, without being overwhelming, but got expanded upon a bit more.
    Roughly 90 mods and more may be added down the line.
    Game version is 1.12.2 Java.


    In order for you to join, you need to fulfill the following criteria:
    * Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/6EGXcTZSH4
    * Willing and able to use voice chat.
    * Must be 20+ (I'm tired of playing with kids!)
    * Mature language and topics may and will be discussed in both chat and voice.
    * Legit MC account (Apparently this is not obvious to some people...)


    I'm a guy from Denmark who just had enough of single player and Corona-lockdowns,
    so here I am, looking for people that might wish to enjoy a relaxing semi-creative experience.


    NOTE: There is only 6 slots available at the given time, so it's a limited time offer.
    Modded servers requires a lot of resources, and more players adds more strain on servers with mods.
    So our slot count is not very high to keep performance of our server high and lag low.

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    What in the hoot does "Graylisted" mean? Never heard of that term before.

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