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    Hi! I'm trying to get a modpack to start from Twitch, but it keeps on crashing immediately after the game launches with the infamous "Exit Code: 0" message. The game output log highlights this string in red, so I'm assuming its the problem:

    Failed to find Minecraft resource version 1.16.3-20200911.084530 at C:\Users\Soda Tunicata\Twitch\Minecraft\Install\libraries\net\minecraftforge\forge\1.16.3-34.1.24\forge-1.16.3-34.1.24-client.jar

    This happens with both All The Mods 6 and Valhelsia 2. It does not happen when running a vanilla client in the same version, on the same instance of the launcher. Before I figured out how to pull up the output log, I tried increasing the memory allocation in the Forge installation, but it didn't work and I don't think thats the problem at all given the contents of the problematic string. I've also tried deleting everything in the /mods/ folder, which apparently solved this issue for the one other person I found online that had it, but that also did not change anything.


    Also, there are two strings printed in yellow. I'm pretty sure this means they're not that important, but here they are anyways:

    Couldn't fetch SHA1 checksum for https://s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/versions/1.16.3/1.16.3.jar

    Have local file C:\Users\Soda Tunicata\Twitch\Minecraft\Install\versions\1.16.3\1.16.3.jar but don't know what size or hash it should be. Have to assume it's good.

    Any help with this issue would be desperately appreciated. Thank you for your time :-)




    For some god-forsaken reason, Project Ozone 3 works just fine.


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