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    1. What is your Minecraft Username? CptZ
    2. What is your Discord Username? CptZ#1010
    3. Have you added your Minecraft account with our Discord bot? [Yes/No but I plan to] Yes
    4. If you've been on our server, give us feedback (negative and positive) First of all, I would like to commend the loading of the client, it has a little mini game which gives users something to do while waiting for the loading to finish. That is something that is for me is unique. When it comes to the server itself, I think that a lot of its aspects are interesting and fun to mess with. Although, the claiming system is something to be used to though. Players who are not fun of reading will find it hard to play too since this server has a decent amount of documentation that comes with it. In general though, I can see myself playing in this server for a couple of days or even months depending on how my story on the server unfolds.

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