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    I'm trying to run my mod pack with Galaxy Space and Extra planets on 1.7.10 and when i launch a rocket and get to the star system when i click on certain planets it crashes me and others its fine. To get to the core of this issue i removed all other mods except the space mods which include Galactic craft, Galaxy space, more planets and extra planets. I realized when i have either galaxy space or extra planets out it works fine. I tried stuff like disabling duplicate planets in the config files but it didn't work. The planets that are causing crashes are Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto (there might be a little bit more like one in the Kepler system or something)
    A lot of these planets, except Moon and Mars, galaxy space and extra planets have in common but there are also planets that they have in common that do not crash as well. Here are the crash reports for some of these planets when i click on them in the star system menu:

    Moon(Overworld) - OK quick update i was gonna go get the crash for the moon and mars and put the reports here but when i was disabling planets in the galaxy space config appeared to fix it (even though i didn't disable the moon or mars cause they don't have them) Other planets are still crashing though.

    Venus - https://pastebin.com/21wSQ153

    Jupiter - https://pastebin.com/0BEQkerf

    Saturn - https://pastebin.com/pATS4uvT

    Uranus - https://pastebin.com/mmq2kNCi

    Neptune - https://pastebin.com/P7q66d5c

    Pluto - https://pastebin.com/sSiCKcCY

    If anyone could help me figure out a fix to this i would be very grateful thx.

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