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    posted a message on I want to know how to increase FPS on modded minecraft.

    I am trying to play on Enigmatica 8 and All The Mods 8. Although these are very large modpacks I want to play  a latest and questing modpack. I generaly get 20 fps. I tried some mods like Sodium,Krypton,Starlight etc. but it did not help. My settings are at their lowest possible and minecraft uses GTX graphic card.  I give 8 GB RAM.


    Are there any different way that I can increase my fps?


    Sorry for my English and thank you.


    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60GHz

    GTX 1050 Ti

    16GB RAM


    Java 8 Update 161

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    posted a message on FTB Academy Server Error

    I installed FTB Academy with FTB launcher and I installed server but when I join to my server It is saying ''fatally missing registry entries'' or '' .... Recipe minecraft:furnace .... unregistered item minecraft:furnace.....'' (I couldn't write all of them) How can I get over with it ??

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