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    CrypticMC Minecraft Network


    Java ip - play.crypticmc.net
    Bedrock port - 25565
    Discord - https://discord.crypticmc.net
    Website - https://crypticmc.net


    Hello everyone we have just released a new EARTH server that is bedrock and Java crossplay.
    It will be amazing for you to come check it out and give your input to make the server better and to your liking we really value your input and try our best to make your playing experience as fun as we can.


    Online map - you can view a live online map to see the whole world you are playing on and places to travel. Use the /map command ingame


    Land claiming - you can claim your land to keep it safe from griefing however if your chests are not protected you may get your loot stolen


    Economy - We have an economy system where you can work/play to get money you can then spend your money on items in a player market or buy crate keys.


    Jobs - We have jobs that you can get to then get money and points with points you can buy items from the jobs shop.


    Quests - if you are interested in taking on a quest here you can with over 1000 different quests you can choose from.


    Playtime rewards - tired of just playing a server and having to spend money to unlock new perks to take you to the next level well here the more you play the more you get and unlock.


    Vehicles - we have a whole bunch of different vehicles to traverse around the map such as planes, bikes, tractors, drills, and more.


    Travel to the moon - We have a custom moon world that you can unlock by playing to then get new items and take on new monsters never seen before.


    Disasters - tired of the same old Minecraft gameplay well here you have to fight extreme winds acid, rain, End Storms, and a lot more, and with this, you unlock new items


    Custom items - We have custom items with unique features never seen before like the Envy Siphon that can steal a players potion effects or the Farmlander that gives you farming perks like replanting your crops or the different helmets you can wear to get different abilities there is so much to explore.


    Friends - reward yourself and your friends by inviting them to the server using our referral system for info use /ref info ingame.

    That is just to tip of the iceberg come join CrypticMC and explore a new world waiting for you,
    can't wait to see you there.

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