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    posted a message on CurseForge 28 1 90 (All the Mods 4) - only starts in DEMO MODE

    Hello @ all

    I've downloaded "All the Mods 4". It is based on Forge 28 1 90.
    I am on a dedicated server and I upload all needed files. I have to rename forge_1.14***.jar to minecraft_server.jar

    But after the server starts, it change the EULA.text and the server.properties (change ports).
    And a file called "tekkit.jar" is in the folder.

    When I log into the server with TWITCH Launcher options, the game is in DEMO Mode. For all players who joins.

    Even when I install a pure Forge 28 1 90 version, without mods, and with a separate new 28 1 90 Launcher same things happen.

    On an other hosted server I did exactly the same and it is running NOT in Demo Mode. No files were changed and no "tekkit.jar" is in the mai folder.

    Any idea? Hoster told me it is a client problem.

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