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    posted a message on Minecraft crashing which causes my computer to crash as well

    The title kinda describes it. My friends and I have an online server and every once in a while, minecraft will just crash. It's definitely not because of any specific actions, it seems to happen at random. I think the crash code it gives is 1. Any advice on how to troubleshoot this problem?

    To help cut down on suggestions, here's the things I've already done. I've already restarted the computer a few times. I've turned the computer fully off and on again. I've checked for viruses. I've reinstalled the entire modpack. I've increased the amount of ram going into minecraft. No one else on the server has had issues that I'm aware but feel free to give suggestions to test if it's a server issue.


    UPDATE: after launching modded minecraft, it will do something to my cpu and cause other apps to fail. it would cause discord to continuously crash, rendering it unable to open at all


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