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    Welcome to AnaCrime!!
    Thanks for taking the time to check out our server! Play your own way! At this server, we included a lot of cool plugins (like cool guns to play with (lightsabers), a casino, and many others) that will amplify your experience. All we want is for everyone who joins to have a good time, especially during this quarantine 🙃! You can practically do anything you want on this server. Some of the buildings on this server might remind you of California, because we took inspiration from the city, Anaheim. Full gallery can be found on our website.


    IP: Anacrime.mine.bz


    Location: Los Angeles, California


    Server Info:

    • 1.15.2
    • Faction PVP
    • Ranks
    • PVP arena
    • Economy
    • Guns (QA craft)
    • Casino Plugin
    • MCMMO (items as well)
    • Alchemical Arrows
    • Furniture Mod

    (Full list can be found on our website)


    Join our Discord!

    Our staff are always on there and feel free to hop on the general chat and say hello or give us some feedback! We are also looking for more moderators!


    See you soon! 😊 Have a great time on this server! 😊

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