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    Hi guys,

    So I am curing zombie villagers in hopes to make a librarian. Heres my process...

    1.. I start off with a lit up room for the zombie villager with just a bed in it, with no workstation nearby.
    2.. I find a zombie villager, making it follow me into that said room I built with just a bed.
    3.. I throw a splash potion of weakness and give it a golden apple
    4.. The zombie villager is now cured, but defaults to a tool smith - even with no workstations around or nearby his little room
    5.. As there is no current workstation, I put down a lecturer next to the villager in hopes to turn him into a librarian from tool smith, but nothing happens. He remains as a tool smith.

    I have tried to do the above on 3 different zombie villagers. All with separate rooms. But all of them defaults to tool smiths.

    I watched tutorials and you can change the villager's profession by destroying their current workstation and putting down a new one to reflect the required profession. But in my case, they haven't got a workstation...

    So this has raised the below questions - 

    1: Why do all the zombie villagers I cure always default to tool smiths even if theres no workstations nearby?
    2: How can I change one into a librarian if they didn't have a workstation in the first place when I cured a zombie villager?


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