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    Traveler's Wasteland is currently hosting "The Fabric Adventure Pack" while I work on the main server pack. The Fabric Adventure Pack is a wonderful Quest based/MMO RPG Styled pack centered around the Age of Exile mod and Exploration. While the pack has 176 mods it feels so much larger when you begin playing. After consulting the few active players we've decided to host this amazing pack for the next 6 months. FLAN/claims are the only removed mod so that players have to be wise about interacting with each other. No worries though you can store a mini-base or storage using dynocaps at a certain point in order to protect yourself from offline raiding. This pack is extremely well optimized for multiplayer and full of small additions on top of changing the main game that make The Fabric Adventure pack stand out from other packs like it.


    As of this post the map is only a few days old.



    The server is not whitelisted instructions for the pack and the IP are in the discord to make sure connection is successful and help is available.

    Everything you need to get started is in the discord please read everything carefully: https://discord.gg/aZPGHMUd

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            If a semi-anarchy server had a ton of magic mods and increased the difficulty of the game this would be the easiest description of Traveler's wasteland. 


            But we don't want easy, we want a challenge which is why I created a server with minimal rules (no chat toxicity, no cheat mods) for people to play on as they like. PvP, Raiding, and Griefing are allowed but that doesn't mean you have to play that way. After a week of being open and having 3 to 4 active players a day Traveler's wasteland has the potential to be a great punk rock modded minecraft server community endorsing Beauty, Variety, and Conflict within the sandbox. We have around 100 mods, the custom pack requires 4 to 6 GB of RAM to play with.  Make a hidden base using the Create mod, or Secret Rooms mod, Explore dangerous dimensions like The Abyss or The Undergarden, Have some early to mid game weapon variety with Spartan Weaponry and Spartan Shields, Take the game to its hardest level with the Ring of Seven Curses from Enigmatic Legacy mod, Explore added dungeons and structures, have a break from vanilla terrain with Biome's You Will go. Explore overpowered alchemy and even make a freaking gun with Reliquary. Bored? Stack animals to the sky with carryon! There is all this and much more, make friends or foes and have a blast doing it. Dedicated server hosted in Phoenix, Az.


    Everything you will need to get started and connect is in the Discord: https://discord.gg/5e5fJGjXRU

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