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    The CurseForge API documentation seems rather sparse to me, especially when it comes to getting information about mods and the files they have available.


    Ideally, I'd like to be able to pull a URL such as "https://minecraft.curseforge.com/api/projects/forestry/files" and get a list of all of Forestry's uploaded files along with metadata such as the relevant version of Minecraft. However, the API docs only describe how to upload new files and update existing ones, not how to query them.


    Also, the documentation mentions a "gameVersionTypeID" field in the Game Versions API. While this API endpoint does indeed provide a list of Minecraft versions, the "gameVersionTypeID" field is numeric, and there is no information on how to interpret this field. In other words, when I see JSON like this, I have no idea which one I want because I don't know what the difference is between type IDs 1 and 628.

        "id": 6580,
        "gameVersionTypeID": 628,
        "name": "1.12",
        "slug": "1-12"
        "id": 6588,
        "gameVersionTypeID": 1,
        "name": "1.12",
        "slug": "1-12"

     Assuming that this information is available at all through the API, is there more complete documentation somewhere that I could look at? Thanks.

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