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    posted a message on SevTech Ages is, by far, the worst modpack so far created and should be removed.

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    His post was directly quoting and answering the OP, how is that not connected or relevant?


    This modpack was my first foray into minecraft. I had some trouble at first but that was mostly related to not knowing exactly how NEI worked and how to find recipes in there. Some quick googling cleared that up. Other than that progression is pretty clear and well guided. Each thing you do leads you to the next. I could see how someone would have trouble if they forgot about the "L" key, or didn't read the popup when you log in, but if you follow the quests it is definitely well guided.


    Oh, I did also experience some trouble with keymapping some stuff, like I wanted to make a hotkey to open my backpack. Finally settled on ' and I just had to take some time to go through and make sure that everything else that was mapped to that key was changed.

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