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    Good Afternoon Braintrust!

    I have been playing PO2 for the past 6 months or so, with little to no problems. I host a Local Server that one of my friends connects to remotely. v2.2.7. Skylands world. No GoG. Titan Mode.


    My system spec. is:-


    32Gb RAM

    GTX 1070 8Gb - Driver version 381.65

    Windows 10

    8Gb dedicated to Java

    Sphax Resource Pack

    Recently, my PO2 client has been crashing for no apparent reason. No crash reports are being recorded. Sometimes I could be playing for hours, and the client will just close and the Minecraft launcher notifies me that the game has crashed. Other times I can be loading the client up, and it will crash with the same result.


    I have already made sure that EiraMoticons is up to date. However, from what I have read online, EiraMoticons errors leave a crash report. The GeForce Driver issue caused a crash without generating a report.


    My friends client isn't crashing at all, which makes me think it's a problem with my system or install of PO2.


    Does anyone have any ideas?

    If I was to take EiraMoticons out, would I have to take it out of the server as well?

    Is it a server side mod as well as a client side mod? 

    Have fun with this one!

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