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    posted a message on How to create a modded minecraft instance with the curse client (and turn any instance to a server)

    Hi im Dave, been a long time minecrafter, been a server admin a fair few times and i have even written my own mods. A few days ago i did a vote on what i should live stream that night, the creation of a how to video for making a minecraft modded instance was the end result, this is the recording.... i highly recommend viewing it through youtube as there is a menu in the description that will take you straight to the relevent parts, any questions/problems please use the video comments as i get instant notification that way and i will respond. 
    Hope its useful, hope it helps (please dont forget to like the vid if it helps, it means a lot to us youtubers, and if it really helps, sub :) )

    Just got notification that there was no link to the video, no idea what happened, fixed

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    posted a message on how to get server files to your modpack users?

    whats the recommended way to get server packs that are made for your modpack in the hands of those that want them?
    Im currently thinking custom main menu mod with a link to the server files zip on drop box, but not sure if there is a better way?

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    posted a message on buildcraft pre release for 1.8.9 rejections despite blanket permission (blog link inclosed)

    Trying to get our servers modpack on to curse forge and we hit a snag,
    Buildcraft pre-release for 1.8.9 is not on the third party list and can not be added as buildcraft is on curseforge, they will not add build craft pre to the curseforge entry as it cannot yet import a 1.7.10 world to 1.8.9 (totally understandable) however they are happy to have the mod in curseforge mod packs, see this blog:

    they specificly reference it, i was going to quote that part, but its half the blog post so does not need to be quoted.

    Now as i understand it the thirdparty list is there to prevent us modpack developers from sharing mods that the author does not want shared (again i fully understand and agree with that, it is at the end of the day the mod authors work and down to them how its distributed)  however in this case curse forge is kind of going against the mod authors wishes by blocking it from custom packs. its a special case that really needs looking into.

    At the minute the only "viable" solution is to export it with out buildcraft and put in the description "users are urged to download the required build of buildcraft from *LINK*" and when mods require buildcraft that will cause many issus being reported (we all know users dont always read descriptions fully....and we have all been guilty of that ourselfs

    so yeah can some one look into this please?

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