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    did this solve your problem? im having the same issue but its over 10 mods and none are deleted.

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    Yes i have this same problem it is very infuriating. I just want to play minecraft with my friends and i have to update because a mod was broken. I uploaded the file over 5 times and every time i got a list of mods that should apparently be in the manifest. Is twitch having a problem with how it exports the file too?


    My error that i received over and over.

    The status of the file Ultipack 2-1.1.6.zip (Ultipack: A New Era) has been changed to Rejected


    The following files belong to CurseForge-hosted projects, and should therefore not be added directly to zip files:
    1. overrides/mods/AutoRegLib-1.3-32.jar
    2. overrides/mods/BiomesOPlenty-1.12.2-
    3. overrides/mods/CodeChickenLib-1.12.2-
    4. overrides/mods/Hwyla-1.8.26-B41_1.12.2.jar
    5. overrides/mods/iChunUtil-1.12.2-7.2.2.jar
    6. overrides/mods/ImmersiveEngineering-0.12-92.jar
    7. overrides/mods/ironchest-1.12.2-
    8. overrides/mods/MekanismGenerators-1.12.2-
    9. overrides/mods/minecolonies-1.12.2-0.11.811-BETA-universal.jar
    10. overrides/mods/Quark-r1.6-178.jar
    11. overrides/mods/TrackAPI-1.1_1.12.jar
    12. overrides/mods/[1.12.2] SecurityCraft v1.8.19.3.jar

    These files should, instead, be referenced in the manifest.json file generated by the Twitch Desktop App during a profile export.


    If you have any questions please contact our support team https://support.curseforge.com.

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