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    Lunar Sky is a new skyblock based server that is still in its very early stages. We are mostly looking for developers and builders. I myself have worked as developer and love coding! but need a right hand to help me along.We are also looking for a sponsor who is willing to help with the funding, such sponsor will automatically be positioned as Co-Owner of the server. Dm me (discord below) for more info and requirements. Down below are the positions left available. We welcome both experienced and inexperience members so dont be afraid to apply!


    🌙Please use format below🌙



    What staff position you are applying for and why you want this position:

    Why you think we should select you for our team:

    Past Experience:

    Optional Additions:


    We are looking for the following staff positions:
    1 Sponsor/Co-owner (dm to discuss further)
    1 Head Admin (experience required)
    2 Admins (experience required)
    1 Developer (experience required)
    1 Head Builder (experience required)
    3 Builders
    1 Head mod taken
    5 Mods
    3 Trial Mod taken
    2 Helpers


    My discord: Gameboy#0001


    My discord server: https://discord.gg/CEU9bnB


    All applications will be reviewed by the owner as soon as possible after you apply. If you are accepted to our team, you will get a friend request and will receive more info on what we expect of you, what permissions you have, and what we need you to do. In the current stage, development.
    *Note: Builders and Head Builders must be able to do medieval style builds, i.e something like a castle.
    *Please refrain from reapplying if you are rejected, we will make a second post if there are more spots available.
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