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    I am currently trying to submit a modpack to curseforge and it continues to get rejected due to third party mods. I've checked and double checked and checked once more just now to be sure. the 4 third party mods i'm submitting; Big Reactors, Logistics Pipes, Thaumic Exploration, and Torcherino, are all on the third party mods list as available to use. i ensured that these were in the proper overrides folder, and that those were the only files in the mods folder. I then poured through all the folders in the zip to ensure that there were no stray files in places they shouldn't have been. Still it is rejected. I have uploaded these files before in an older version of the pack, though an older version of the mods as there have been updates, with no problems, now suddenly the pack is rejected. Any help or suggestions would be great.


    Edit: Solved. Logistics pipes has been added to curseforge.

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