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    DNMC is not the typical Minecraft Server- We're a good old fashioned Community Survival Server, with a new and very original spin. We do not worship Factions, or PvP, though we have PvP Zones set up in certain areas, A normal economy with Admin shops, Claiming to prevent any grief, and several custom mobs, drops, dungeons, and a few custom crafting recipes.

    DNMC, or Developing Nations Minecraft is great to go to if you're looking for a mature crowd, active owners, and nice staff. Staff must be on the server for a while before sending in an application, we never give staff to those who are not experienced, or to those who abuse their power. The owners themselves are very experienced, and have had a history in server making before DNMC. They are also quite nice and want to get to know you. (The server has also been up for nearly a year and a half already)

    We constantly share the latest here-- Check it out on our Facebook Page -->

    Our Main Page can be found here, we mainly use this page for forums, general chat, applications, bug reports, etc can all be found there -->

    Some of the tags we'd put on this server (What you can expect to see on it):
    No-Grief -- Survival -- Economy -- Cities -- Dungeons -- Custom Items -- Great Voting Rewards -- Great Community -- Well-Trained Staff.

    We hope to see you soon! IP:

    Any Questions? Please leave them in the comments, and I'll get back to you!

    Other links:
    Discord server link:-- https://discord.gg/x8Whnfh -- Our discord server is very active.

    Wordpress page -- https://dnmcgazette.wordpress.com/ -- A fan-page, DNMC articles.

    Our PlanetMinecraft Page -- https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/dnmc -- This has way more information, and is a good place to go if the above post intrigues you.

    A stats page, for those interested -- https://minecraft-statistic.net/en/serv ... 25567/top/

    Our Facebook page is above, but we also have Facebook group chats, I can invite anyone with an account to join.

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