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    Tired of arguing politics with friends and family? Ready to see if your ideas and philosophies would actually work?


    Put away your endless debates over ideologies and government structures and put them into practice.


    You are invited to join a political sandbox called Devoted. Built on top of Minecraft, a well populated and intuitively controlled game platform, we leverage a custom plugin set that allows players to moderate the community by working together. The result? A unique opportunity to put your philosophies and ideals into practice.


    I’m an American; I had no experience with any other governments or ideologies than my own.


    I had read about them, but that was about it.


    Then I joined a town in game that had a minarchist-style government. And… It worked. We had order, justice, and even unofficial organizations that made roads between people’s houses answering the age old question: “But who will build the roads?”


    It had problems (border conflicts, other towns trying to stuff our ballot boxes, legal disputes), but the people living there worked together and made the city function.


    Now it’s your chance. Join our political sandbox and explore your ideas. Bring your friends, and build a civilization. Join Devoted.




    Since the server’s inception, many nations have arisen from the initial chaos to protect and provide for citizen players. Some nations have grown strong, spanning many continents. Others have collapsed into atrophy, or have been crushed and annexed by larger, rival nations. Yet still the large southern continent remains an untamed wild, ready for new players and their new nations to shape the land as they see fit.


    We have a few dozen nations whose governments span the political gamut of representative democracies, monarchies, socialist co-ops and fascist dictatorships.


    You can find the list of the currently active nations here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Devoted/wiki/nations/nation_list


    Below are a few highlights from the major political players on Devoted.


    Agoran Republic of Devoted

    Estimated population: 16

    One of the first cities founded on Devoted, Agora has been an active part of the history on the server. The citizens of Agora elect 5 players onto a council that then governs the nation. They recently went to war with the Pirates (https://www.reddit.com/r/Devoted/wiki/battles/pirate-agora) and were utterly defeated. Most of their citizens were imprisoned in a maximum security vault for a period of time.


    Estimated population: 21

    A peaceful town that claims to be a Corporatocracy, with their capital at Vegas. The citizens of Oxeye haven’t as a whole gotten involved in any wars but this small and growing city is gaining power and influence.


    Estimated population: 14

    Arguably the current powerhouse on the server, this loosely associated nation of fighters owns a large vault and currently holds the most prisoners on the server. They’ve received a lot of public backlash and bad PR after they waged war against Agora and broke the Agoran vault.


    Server Plugins

    The plugins that allow the server to function as a political experiment are listed below:


    This is our reinforcement plugin, simply hit a block with a rare resource or material to make it reinforced. It will then take more time to break that block. You can use this to protect your items and towns from criminals.


    This plugin allows players to imprison other players, this allows you to detain and punish criminals. Some less-savory groups have used it to subjugate political dissidents, or enslave innocent civilians. It’s up to you to decide how you’ll use these tools.



    This plugin acts like a security camera, it will let you get information on who accessed certain areas you have ‘snitched’ and will give you information on who broke the window on your house or stole from your chests.


    Visit our website: https://www.devotedmc.com or our subreddit (http://reddit.com/r/Devoted for more information on the plugins and the server.

    Server IP: play.devotedmc.com

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