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    Project Parabellum

    What is Project Parabellum about?
    Project Parabellum is a war server with an ever changing theatre of operations.
    You can drive tanks, bombard enemy positions and shoot your way to victory.

    Every once in a while we switch the theme of the server to try out new stuff.
    So for one month we might have ww2 and the next month the chechen wars.


    PrPa puts a heavy emphasis on different units.
    You can easily create a unit and each unit has a different purpose. Based on the unit type you get access to different gear, uniforms and equipment.
    We always try to do exactly what the community wants and thus anyone can create their own units.

    How to download the pack
    Our modpack can be found on our discord (Feel free to join).
    You can also download the modpack on technic launcher.
    We won't make an official modpack on curseforge

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