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    posted a message on Hotel Hentai - A joke of a server made by a weeb for other f***ing weebs ^^


    Discord: It's empty, honestly I just made it so I have it if someone asks, join only if you like collecting servers.

    Server IPmc.hotelhentai.com


    So I guess I should list everything we got:

      • a full-vanilla "VIP World" where only me and my mates can enter (and some trusted player when there will be such players),
      • a "Survival World" that has:
        • Shop,
        • Crates (from a rank and from votes),
        • Some jobs,
        • The usual protections/locks,
        • Some protections anti-cheats, but I'm 100% its not 100% protected.
        • A Slot Machine (soon, I plan to buy and install it in like 2 days after an exam),
        • Other smol things.


    • a "Creative World" with basic plot and stuff that I got from spigotmc.org premade,
    • a lot of edgy related jokes about hentai and anime

    On a serious note, it started with hosting a server for me and my friends and we wanted a better server, I got one and a domain too for a fancy ip and I thought "Why not open it up for randos too if we have such a nice host? Maybe they will make it more funny".


    You can suggest things on discord&server when I (Panyel) am online and I'll try to add them to the public "Survival World" and "Creative World". Just think of this as a backup for your play with your friends as I paid for 3 months.


    p.s: if you join, don't try the lava-portal that clearly says 'only VIP players', you will burn to death ^^


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