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    posted a message on Deleting files of a project?

    i have the same problem: i archived a file and changed to archive-view but there is still an archive button, not a delete one...

    And i cannot click the checkbox of the file.

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    posted a message on How do i edit the title of my thread?

    As i started a thread a few secconds ago, i noticed, that i made a mistake in the title.

    How can i edit the title to fix this?

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    posted a message on how do i change the font in my proyect-description?


    In the description-editor, there is a field "font".

    But if i select my whoole text and choose another font there, nothing happans...

    How do i change the font of my text?

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    posted a message on How do I put images to my description?

    Has anyone an idea for a good image hoster for using MineCraft-screenshots?

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    posted a message on Is there a mod, for 1.15 that adds carpet-like tiles of wood and stone?



    Is there anywhere a mod for 1.15, that adds flat squares (just like carpet) from all materials, where stairs and slabs exist?


    I'm building a house, that has got a square shaped, four blocks high sandstone-basement, and the rest of the building is a giant statue of a game-character, where the other floors are located inside.


    Actually i have sandstone-slabs as the roof of the basement, because i want to have a white wool ceiling inside.

    But now it looks like the feet of the statue are sunken a bit into the roof of the basement.

    This is, why i want to have flat carpet-like sandstone plates.


    But for other players it maybe interesting to have theese plates from lots of different material.

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