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     Regular guardians drop the scales too, so just find yourself an ocean/deep ocean biome and farm it. Or catch one and put it in a spawner to make it easier on you! 
    I'm having the same issue with the ender dragon, no spawn and no portal, followed everything in the changelogs and it didn't fix anything. I can't even manually spawn it in to fight it, its almost like it isn't recognized as a mob entity in my game. Odd stuff. Oh well, had to pass through that section without killing the dragon (for now?).

    Hey guys - I've got a few issues, so apologies for the long post.


    1) Ender dragon does not appear in The End. This happened a while ago, and I was pleased to see it was addressed in the update, however it still does not appear for me. The end portal to summon the dragon is not there. The pillars and crystals are there though. I have deleted the DIM1 folder, which reset the dimension, but the dragon portal does not appear. I'm using:

    /summon ender_dragon ~ ~ ~ {DragonPhase:0}

     So I can progress, however I don't get the final portal home using this method and so the respawn mechanic won't work.


    2) Wireless Crafting Terminal - Client crashes if you accidentally put the terminal inside its own crafting grid (I've done this a lot when searching and press a number, which puts the item from my hotbar into the crafting grid). I can live with this, and I'll try not to derp :P


    3) How do we find Elder Guardians? I'm at the stage where I want to complete the ArmorPlus questline, but I'm not sure where to find this mob for it's Guardian Scale.


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     Yep I can fly around the end, I am well aware of the vanilla mechanics however the central portal didn't spawn either. I dug out most of the end stone looking for the portal and it's nowhere to be found. No dragon, no portal, lots of end mobs including the slimes from ender IO but no dragon and no portal. From what I've found digging into it, it's a problem with Forge not following vanilla mechanics properly when building the end but deleting the end dim-1 files and allowing them to be recreated didn't fix anything. I'm going to try it again anyway just to be sure, but unfortunately without a portal I can't do the respawn work, and without the dragon... leaves a bit of a pickle. 

    In any case, if the dragon is summoned rather than already in place, you would think there would be a note of that in any of the in game guides (sky resources, JEI, BQ book) but no mention of it anywhere. I don't mind having to perform the respawn as a summon but I can't even do that without the portal in the first place.
     Seeing as I've had the same issues with the end not generating the dragon and the exit portal as well I did some digging and wound up finding a fix to the issue. Sadly it does not fix the under laying issue but it will get your exit portal out of the end working properly again. So what I did was created an entire new world from scratch after the update, I went into the end to see if the exit portal, and dragon had spawned (they did seems old worlds from previous pack versions wont spawn the portal or dragon for some reason) anyways I then deleted the end folder for my current running world and replaced it with the version that had properly generated the dragon and the exit portal. WARNING, do bring ender crystals with you to spawn another end dragon as killing the one that was spawned from the other world oddly does not activate the exit portal. Upon killing the newly summoned ender dragon, the portal will then activate. (I also noticed that during the summoning when restoring the ender crystals on each of the towers it ended up generating entirely new towers that replaced over the old ones, so for example I know have a cut out of an obsidian pillar now hanging over one of the crystals.)
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