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    now updated to version 1.0c

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    Allow me to proudly introduce one of the newest modpacks on curseforge.


    Zero to Hero is a Minecraft modpack that takes everything great about Minecraft and takes it to the next level as well as adding features that makes Minecraft even more enjoyable.

    At it's heart Z2H is an RPG maintaining a vanillish-ish balance level with ton of building options for when you want to take a break from stomping badguys.


    Z2H add mores MOBS  with modpacks like Mowzie's Mobs, , Alex's Mobs, Mystical World, Evolved RPG, Mutant beasts and Ice and Fire: Dragons.

    Z2H adds more STRUCTURES generation packs like Valhesia Structures, Repurposed Structures, Dungeons Plus, Extended Caves, When Dungeons Arise and YUNG's caves and mineshafts.

    Z2h adds more BIOMES like Quark, Biomes Aplenty and Oh the Biomes You will Go.

    Z2H adds more RPG elements like Journey Map, starting gear, RPG Hud, doggy talents, village guards and villager names.

    Z2H adds more BUILDING options with Create!, Tinker's Construct, iron chests,  storage drawers, decorative blocks, classical art, sword displays and architect's pallet,

    Z2H adds MAGIC with Ars Nouveau, the new incarnation of Ars Magica.

    Z2H adds more GEAR with Spartan Weapons, Spartan Armor, inventory pets, Emerald Tools and Weapons and Dungeon Gear.

    Z2H adds more CONVENIENCE with Gravestones, XPtomes, disenchanter, Soulbound! and WAYSTONES.

    Although Z2H is in version 1.0 it still is a WIP and feedback and suggestions are very welcome. 






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     Just wanted to say thanks, this worked like a charm and my modpack got approved in 24hours time thanks to your tutorial.


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