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    posted a message on Mac using the old outdated 1.6.93 Minecraft Launcher

    I'm also having this issue on Mac. Why didn't they just leave well enough alone and just let us handle all the mudpack stuff? Both Twitch and now CurseForge don't seem to be able to make basic functions work!

    This is such a waste of time when in the past I could set up my both Minecraft and my favorite modpacks  by myself in like a half hour.

    I've been struggling with this disgustingly sub-par program for over three hours now, and I still can't even open vanilla Minecraft because Curseforge won't use a modern, up-to-date launcher!

    If there's a fix for this, please reply with it. I'm at a loss and so frustrated I'm about ready to just forget twitch and curse forge exist and go be a monk in Tibet.

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