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    i find the pack is a bit unbalanced and more grind then fun.


    been playing the pack over 10 hrs straight and got a patch of grass over near my mob farm and no animals have spawned.

    growable ores? really sad mod why not use magical crops mod its got a addon mod that allows interactions between it and mfr. or better yet you could simply give us iron chests so we can set up automated setup easyer for the sieve and remove growable ores since we got ex astris we can set up a autosieve wich works 100x faster even without upgrades.


    botania, witchery, agricraft would all be good additions. only hard part of botania would be getting mana cause the early flowers need skyview


    botania gives a method of getting lillypads wich can be used to get lillypad of fertility to boost crop growth speed making farming ores less pointless.


    ae2 stuff would also be nice cause it adds faster machines for 2 of the real time killers in it.

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