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    There is a mod called Cubic Chunks which changes the shape of chunks and allows the world to generate downwards for millions of blocks without bedrock.


    I want to make a mod which adds new ore/stone/structure gen in those new areas below Y level 0, however vanilla ore gen will not work.


    When generating Cubic Chunks ores I need to place the ores during cube population, not chunk population, however I do not know how to do this.


    I am using Mcreator here so although I can also make a few edits to the code if needed to customise things in a way which Mcreator cannot normally do I don't know much about coding in Java so although I'm willing to attempt complicated code edits I won't be able to just make new custom Java elements from scratch, I'll need something to copy/edit.


    Could someone help me by suggesting a way to make this work? If not with ore gen then perhaps using entities or structures to generate the ores?

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